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alessandro murru.civil engineer.
zoi liouta.architect.
evi panagiotopoulou . civil engineer.
ioanna marselou.interior designer.
eirini asprouda.architect.
tassos kritsiotis.architect.
pavlos xanthopoulos.architect.
iorgos papanastassatos. maquetist.
alex eleftheraki. photographer ( 
george mytakis.interior designer
lazaros bisbikis. mechanical engineer
vassia christodoulou.interior designer.

AZMLstudio was founded at the beginning of the 2000 by Alessandro Murru, an engineer graduated from Cagliari University (Italy) in 1996 and Zoi Liouta, an architect graduated from Grenoble University (France) in 2001.

The architects of the studio develop the projects from start to finish, and co-sign their authorship.
Recently, the office has been involved especially in residential projects, detached houses and housing complexes.
The architectural projects of AZMLstudio highly values formal simplicity, always taking great care in the details and finishing.
The team, great admirers of the Greek modernist generation ( strive to undertake the difficult mission of giving continuity to this line of production.